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With Love, Vikki x

Love spells scented soap sponge

Love spells scented soap sponge

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A ‘love spells’ scented soap sponge. This is a sponge that’s soaked in delicious soap and gel and can be used over and over, it’s a delight!

Soap sponges are new to the made by Leah collection and this one smells like love spells, which is Leah’s new favourite scent!

Soap sponges are the perfect shower item as they cleanse, can remove dead skin, and exfoliate as you use the whole sponge. They also fit in a shower soap tray or shelf and almost give a massaging feel!

To use simply wet and rub directly onto the skin. The soapy goodness keeps coming as you keep lathering and squeezing. Make sure to dry the sponge between uses- a tray or dish is perfect for this.

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