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Eco-Elegance: the Sustainable Hanging Happy Pot - Sage

Eco-Elegance: the Sustainable Hanging Happy Pot - Sage

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Introducing the Hanging Happy Pot – where sustainability meets style. Crafted from 100% sustainable Poly Lactic Acid & Recycled Food Packaging, this eco-friendly pot not only adorns your space but also respects Mother Earth. Its modern design effortlessly hangs, adding a touch of nature’s joy to any corner of your home. Cultivate your greens, reduce your carbon footprint, and let the Hanging Happy Pot echo your commitment to a greener tomorrow. Elevate your decor and nurture the planet, one pot at a time. Large - Inner Dimensions Width 105mm x Height 92mm (P10.5) - Outer Dimensions Length 146mm x Width 154mm x Height 102mm

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