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With Love, Vikki x

Made You A Mixtape Fizzy Bath Bomb Vegan | Funny Gift Soak

Made You A Mixtape Fizzy Bath Bomb Vegan | Funny Gift Soak

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Smells like... Bringing It Back Old Skool! A vibrant blend of bamboo and olive blossom with touches of black pepper, anise star, water hyacinth, bergamot, lemon, sweet orange, pineapple, and peach. Subtle hints of lily, jasmin sambac, and freesia are complemented by a base of amberwood, oakmoss, and musk. But wait there’s more! Not only does this magical mixtape provide a sensory delight but also works wonders for your skin. The all-natural ingredients detoxify, cleanse and moisturize leaving you feeling like the superstar you truly are- because let's face it, who wouldn’t want to finish their day on such a high note? Hit the play button and let our Mixtape Fizzy Bath Bomb take over from here - 'cause bathtub karaoke was never this much fun!


• Made in United Kingdom • Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate,Citric Acid, Potassium Bitartrate (cream of tartar), SodiuM

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Eco-friendly information

Product Materials: Organic, Plastic-free, Recycled, Upcycled, and Vegan

Packaging: Plastic-free, Recyclable, and Recycled

Production: Cruelty-free, Ethically sourced, and Fair trade

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